©Archive 2003-2024©2024Batu Alpas™ WebsiteMy third portfolio website including the backstory story of ‘2003Remastered’ and ‘Olivier Chateau.’ Eveything on this website has been done by me. 

First time introducing the ‘2003Remastered’ experience alongside adding a backstory to the multimedia company ‘Olivier Chateau.’
MUGSHOT3D animated short film made with Lewi Thute and Will Zhou Larsen. Co-directed, wrote the script, rigged, animated, designed characters and painted some of the backgrounds in this short film.

OLIVIER CHATEAULaunched a multimedia art company that does everything from fashion to visuals, anything creative.    

Named after my alter ego, it’s about a 20 year old olive tree that has experienced enough to show the world what they are made of.

LETTER TO THE PASTAbstract short film recorded with analogue cameras and CGI telling a story about my younger self reaching out to my future self, and my future self making this short film as a response to my younger self. 

I wrote myself a letter in my freshman year of college for my future self and after I read it I felt proud of myself for the first time. So I decided to thank myself with a short film.

Also added to the backstory of ‘Olivier Chateau.’

Directed, written, shot and edited by me.

CLOSED ON SUNDAY3D animated short film made with Lewi Thute and Will Zhou Larsen. Co-directed, animated, modeled and edited this short film. Itwas made for a 48-Hour Film Challange and it was finished in around 40 Hours.

VISUALSPrepared a 3D Animated Visualizer for a Turkish rapper ‘Bege.’ It was not officially used this was presented as a graphic pack to him.

Prepared and creatively directed a lot of projects working closly with musical artists over the summer.

©2022NOTE TO SELFAs seen on “BOMIZM Magazine ISSUE: 1”
"Note to Self" is a concept that I'm still working on and will be turned into an art gallery with 7 to 8 pieces that include animation, sculpture, paintings, and various mixed media.

Those 7 to 8 artworks are the things I taught myself by leaving my house in Turkey at a young age and coming to a whole different country to chase my dreams as an artist. It tells a story about the hard decisions I had to make, teaching myself to grow alone, and trying to be a better version of myself every day. 

SHADOWSA paper cut stop-motion animation about shadows having their own identity and how a shadow hunts down it’s creator.
Written, shot and edited by me.

ILLUSTRATION BOOK Took a illustration class, turned every single illustration created in class into a book, telling a story.

PROJECT ‘YEARBOOK’ Took a picture everyday for a semester with my Poloroid Camera to create a memorable yearbook for myself.

(NON-PRIVATE DIARIES) I love recording the everyday life with my 8mm VHS Camera so I bring it everywhere with me. I record everything and put them in short video segments. 

RADIO 503 FMStarted my own radio show from my dorm room where I DJ Live for about 30 to 45 minutes and mix them with my VHS footage and release it as episodes in my Instagram account. Had my first ‘Live Radio 503’ DJ Set on an art show called “808-415.” 

Won the First Year Program Honor Award, for my creations in this year. Became a honor student.011
Created a 3D model of a hand covering my mouth out of cardboard to protest the freedom of speech in Turkiye.

Was a part of the First Year Program.

My sketchbook filled for my drawing classes and individual purposes in the year 2021.

Created an alphabet system thats inspired by street art, tagging, and African American Arts.

Created three sigils that had individual meanings and when put on top of each other they brought out a whole another meaning.

Was part of the First Year Program.

TAG & STICKER BOOKFilled an entire sketchbook with graffiti art, stickers designed by me and tags.007
©2020SKETCHBOOK ©2020My sketchbook filled in the year 2020.

FIGURES 002Real life model drawings with various timings and various mediums.

THE NEXT STOP2D Animatic for my final project.

STILL IMAGESReal life drawings from setups using pastel, charcoal and graphite pencils.

©2019LEAP OF FAITHFirst ever animation created with Maya.

©2018FIGURESA 2-part painting series made out of figures in different colors and poses, each color and pose emphasize different emotional states.